As she came across the road and down the lane…

There was something different and spectacular about her

Her parade was a head turner.

The people around couldn’t resist her charm.

They all had to succumb and have another glimpse of her grace.

But amazingly, on the second proper look at her;

She had bright smile on,

She was radiating,

But also properly cladded and appropriately covered in all parts…

No cleavage out,

No extreme contour shape revealed,

Thighs not exposed.

All was elegantly placed under her beautiful dress

And life was bubbling around her.

You can be beautiful and not scandalous

You can appear in an attire; all covered up and still look gorgeous.

You can put on a dress, not seductively revealing anything and still be appealing.

You can look perfect and your face will simply be made up with smile and grace.

You can make and leave a statement, all with your eloquence.

You can be colourful and not be a charade of paintings.

True beauty comes from within.

Real beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

What you wear just package, presents and brands you.

And surely you will be addressed the way you are dressed.

True beauty lies in Godliness, calmness.

And expressing this beauty undiluted and uncompromised is a level of maturity.

Maturity in all ramifications;

Mentally, Emotionally, Morally and Spiritually in GOD.






I might be, to you, a flirt;

But I’m definitely not a slut.

You can call me a bitch?…

Then you, are a bigger bitching dog!


Though I’m here with you, flirting

Doing as I’m told by you… and ‘cope”ing”‘

It’s all just me tolerating…

All is, but acting.

A thing i wanted

A thing I’m good at

A thing i freaking do

‘Cause i so can act!


Well, when i see you I’m taken aback

Yeah, the sight of you make me shiver,

But (trust me) you ain’t embedded in me;

No, not in me!

Even though I make you feel like a special pack

And treat you as one,

I’m not into you; and don’t think I’ll ever be.

All is just in respect, for u, from me.

Really, I so can pretend.


Yes! I might have let you flirt with my body

But I never gave you my body.

Ohh! Did you actually think I gave you my body?

Or I surrendered my total being to you?

HE** NO! It was all…playing, all flirting…

Since we had no relationship,

Nothing near friendship.

All we shared, i guess, was flirtationship.

Even though you saw me unclothed,

I never let you see me naked.

Even though you felt my skin against yours,

It was all just a “passing thing’’;

A mirage sensation…

A deceiving passion.


Even though I’m ever pole dancing,

With you, I’ll be polemical.

When I’m going gaga clubbing,

I’ll make you believe I’m lyrical…

It’s all part of the pretense, baby!

Now, listen to my summat…

This, is my summit –

The pretense is about U and ME.

U pretend, I pretend.

But, I’m the Queen of Pretenses.

All I give you and let you see is “My Poker Face”;

And it acted and played well on all your senses,

Putting me, “in the Ace”… .


Even though you think you are such “a Player”,

Hey! I’m winning and you are the Looser 😉

Because with all the contention and intentions,

Putting me as the lead and causing many complications…

I’ve now become an Enigma

And the Queen of Drama; that I am.






Ekiti State Elections: GOING BACK TO THEIR EX?…


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Most of us seem to think that it is absurd going back to our Ex, but the good people of Ekiti seem not to have any problem with this. They didn’t only go back to their Ex, but went to their Ex-Ex (funny, isn’t it?). The election that took place some weeks back in Ekiti, turned out to proclaim their one time Governor (btw 2003 and 2006), Ex-Governor Ayo Fayose, also coming back again as a PDP gubernatorial candidate as the first time, their new Governor for the next 4 years.

The result of the voting process was amazing, the digits got were so far apart in range, with fayose (PDP) earning a total of 203,090 votes. And the closest to this with 120,433 votes was Kayode Fayemi of APC gubernatorial, and a measly 18,135 votes to Opeyemi Bamidele of the Labour Party (sad, isn’t it?)… the range is as wide as almost 200,000.

Well, in all this, the EKITI-ites should be humoured and credited, not looking at the controversial issues and faults surrounding this guy (I mean AY of course, #dodges slap#) and still went all out for him, with even over 50% of the registered voters sticking with him to the end (talk about h*es been loyal!).

INEC also be given kudos, for holding and overseeing an election efficiently, which was also somewhat free, fair and peaceful (*Turns back and yimu*). At least, we saw the heavy security and through all the gunshots heard in Ado-Ekiti, nobody was reported injured (let us assume, they were warning shots).

At this point, I would like to review the impressive and courageous act of the Labour Party counterpart (His Honor, Opeyemi Bamidele), whom after losing still gave “a vote of thanks” back to the good people of Ekiti. And I want APC to take a lesson from this humble act and not be sore LOSERS!!! (Give a vote of thanks today!)

In conclusion, we send our warm, heartfelt congratulations to Gov. Ayo Fayose of PDP, wishing him a successful tenure and governorship. Most importantly not forgetting to do at least 1/3rd of all he promised (just saying) and all will be well.

To the loyal and good people of Ekiti, I want to believe you weighed your options carefully and made the right choice (apparently the majority). And finally I enjoin you all to follow and work dutifully with your leader to make progress.

I hereby rest my case!

Agoyi Oluwakemisola & KoredeAwosika


KemK The Great

From the beginning to recent times, when we hear the word “psychiatric”, “psychiatrist” or anything related to “psychiatry”, what prompts up in most of our minds is “madness”. And some of us even conclude stark madness. But I stand to oppose and correct these/such thought and superstition.
Psychiatry is actually the medical speciality concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment, prevention of mental abnormalities, disorders and disabilities. Just like psychology (though a bit different from psychiatry) in the lay man words, deal with the human mind, brain, soul and spirit. So we see, they both do not necessarily imply total madness of with roaming the street type of picture we paint.
Truthfully, no living human in this universe is 100% mentally healthy (research proven). Because at one time or the other in our lives we’ve all had issues and gone through situations which had left imprints in our different worlds. Some…

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The 13th edition of the Annual Nigeria International Book fair which commenced on the 5th of May, 2014 at the Multipurpose Hall in the University of Lagos was a huge turnout event of book sales. The event was set to bring Publishers, Editors, Book retailers, library suppliers, Authors and so on from different parts of the world and various scopes, such as Educational, Religious, Folklore, Comic, Finance, Motivational, Historical, Medical etc.

The fair was a week affair which went on till 10th of May; there were tens of book stands, book services and publishers present. Some of the publishers and book stands include

The JAYPEE Brothers from India, CBS publishers and Distributors pvt  Ltd from India, SAGE Publications from UK, MACMILLIANS, UPS, Lantern Books, JASPERs book services limited, Peter Chime comic publications, Wole Soyinka publications stand, Chinua Achebe publication, the grail land publications, Chimanda Ngozi Adichie publications, Ghanaians books stand, Bible wonderland… amongst many others.

During the event, there was an interview with Mr Paul Momoh, one of the sales personnel and representative of AFRICA CONNECTION (a book service encompassing different publishers and authors),  which follows below…

Q: Can we meet you?

A: My name is Paul Momoh, I’m a Representative and Sales personnel of AFRICA CONNECTIONS here.

Q: Can we know more about AFRICA CONNECTIONS?

A: Well, we are all about bringing international publishers to Africa, showcasing there products and distributing them, so as to get to Book dealers and finally the consumers.

Q: What is your overview about the Book fair event?

A: This event, I believe is a way forward for knowledge and education in Nigeria. It is a general saying that Nigerians don’t have a good reading culture, but I have seen schools bring their pupils and students around to get books. This act and experience will make impact on the younger generation, which are the future. Although, it didn’t really turn out the way I expected. The venue being in a University compound should have more attendance and participation from the students… but it didn’t happen like that, the students just stroll along and pass by without even just sight-seeing or window shopping, like nothing is going on in here, which is wrong.

Q: Your words of advice to our students.

A: As students, you should learn from everything. At every opportunity you get, you should give it a chance and at least go through it for learning purposes; you learn everywhere and do not pay for sightseeing. Also, identify the reason for being in school and forever hold on to your believe, no matter what. Finally, EDUCATION IS THE WAY.

On a parting note, we are all looking forward to next year’s edition of the Book fair and hoping it would be brighter, more publicized and better.



I’m in a dreamland; A Wonderland.

Like Alice in the Wonderland…

I love the inland in here,

than the outland out there.


In this dream of mine,

I’ll decide what is not or done.

And in this life of mine,

I’ll know what is come or gone.


This wild Land I’m in, is full of Knights

but I won’t do what is wrong

lest I fall into the troubles of vent

and my wails, loud out it rings.


I’ll always stand for what is right

and raise my voice to sing a song.

‘Cause this wild land is my mild land

and the song I sing, is my victory song.


Even though the day might be short

I’m sure my fantasy at night will be blissful,

‘Cause the moon will smile high bright

and all there will be; will definitely be peaceful.


This land is My WonderLand

and i won’t make it a younderland

neither will it be a sunder land.

But a Refuge to me; My Own Powered Land.





Sitted just there across him,

I could see the “unbelieveable look” in his eyes.

I could hear his silent complains.

Then I began to wonder who he was, discipline -wise.


He didn’t realy have to talk,

The discomfort was written all over him.

He was diplomatic and simple.

and she might be, complicated or mayhem.


I didn’t have to be a seer to get the hint.

I didn’t need vision to see his unacceptibility.

So I couldn’t hold back but ask,

“Hey you, it looks like you’ve been hit.”

“What’s your professionality?”

Curiously, I just had to hack…


He looked at me and up at her,

then blotted out…

“Can’t u just have a simple lifestyle?”

“Must you be complicated, fashion-wise?”


I looked at her and looked at him,

I knew that was coming.

The compactibility wasn’t just there,

He was tagging her materialistic,

she was teaming him an intruding ‘bug’ helper.

I could sense the confusion and tension in between,

He was just a been a critic

and she, wasn’t just a pretender.


So you see,the clash would always be there.

He would say things the way he sees it,

in his own opinion and conclusion.

and it will always go wrong with her.

‘Cause she sees it as offensive

and percieves it as intruding.

And this, is unacceptible by her.


They were like two parallel sides

which will just have to get along together.

And i couldn’t do anything but study…

study and watch, to digest the whole senerio.

Even though they both have their benefits to each other,

they can only tally as paddy

but not him to play the role of mario.


What a pair.

What a case!

Such in impair…


they will just be mutual,i guess

and stick around to play chess.