I’m in a dreamland; A Wonderland.

Like Alice in the Wonderland…

I love the inland in here,

than the outland out there.


In this dream of mine,

I’ll decide what is not or done.

And in this life of mine,

I’ll know what is come or gone.


This wild Land I’m in, is full of Knights

but I won’t do what is wrong

lest I fall into the troubles of vent

and my wails, loud out it rings.


I’ll always stand for what is right

and raise my voice to sing a song.

‘Cause this wild land is my mild land

and the song I sing, is my victory song.


Even though the day might be short

I’m sure my fantasy at night will be blissful,

‘Cause the moon will smile high bright

and all there will be; will definitely be peaceful.


This land is My WonderLand

and i won’t make it a younderland

neither will it be a sunder land.

But a Refuge to me; My Own Powered Land.