The 13th edition of the Annual Nigeria International Book fair which commenced on the 5th of May, 2014 at the Multipurpose Hall in the University of Lagos was a huge turnout event of book sales. The event was set to bring Publishers, Editors, Book retailers, library suppliers, Authors and so on from different parts of the world and various scopes, such as Educational, Religious, Folklore, Comic, Finance, Motivational, Historical, Medical etc.

The fair was a week affair which went on till 10th of May; there were tens of book stands, book services and publishers present. Some of the publishers and book stands include

The JAYPEE Brothers from India, CBS publishers and Distributors pvt  Ltd from India, SAGE Publications from UK, MACMILLIANS, UPS, Lantern Books, JASPERs book services limited, Peter Chime comic publications, Wole Soyinka publications stand, Chinua Achebe publication, the grail land publications, Chimanda Ngozi Adichie publications, Ghanaians books stand, Bible wonderland… amongst many others.

During the event, there was an interview with Mr Paul Momoh, one of the sales personnel and representative of AFRICA CONNECTION (a book service encompassing different publishers and authors),  which follows below…

Q: Can we meet you?

A: My name is Paul Momoh, I’m a Representative and Sales personnel of AFRICA CONNECTIONS here.

Q: Can we know more about AFRICA CONNECTIONS?

A: Well, we are all about bringing international publishers to Africa, showcasing there products and distributing them, so as to get to Book dealers and finally the consumers.

Q: What is your overview about the Book fair event?

A: This event, I believe is a way forward for knowledge and education in Nigeria. It is a general saying that Nigerians don’t have a good reading culture, but I have seen schools bring their pupils and students around to get books. This act and experience will make impact on the younger generation, which are the future. Although, it didn’t really turn out the way I expected. The venue being in a University compound should have more attendance and participation from the students… but it didn’t happen like that, the students just stroll along and pass by without even just sight-seeing or window shopping, like nothing is going on in here, which is wrong.

Q: Your words of advice to our students.

A: As students, you should learn from everything. At every opportunity you get, you should give it a chance and at least go through it for learning purposes; you learn everywhere and do not pay for sightseeing. Also, identify the reason for being in school and forever hold on to your believe, no matter what. Finally, EDUCATION IS THE WAY.

On a parting note, we are all looking forward to next year’s edition of the Book fair and hoping it would be brighter, more publicized and better.