KemK The Great

From the beginning to recent times, when we hear the word “psychiatric”, “psychiatrist” or anything related to “psychiatry”, what prompts up in most of our minds is “madness”. And some of us even conclude stark madness. But I stand to oppose and correct these/such thought and superstition.
Psychiatry is actually the medical speciality concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment, prevention of mental abnormalities, disorders and disabilities. Just like psychology (though a bit different from psychiatry) in the lay man words, deal with the human mind, brain, soul and spirit. So we see, they both do not necessarily imply total madness of with roaming the street type of picture we paint.
Truthfully, no living human in this universe is 100% mentally healthy (research proven). Because at one time or the other in our lives we’ve all had issues and gone through situations which had left imprints in our different worlds. Some…

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