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Most of us seem to think that it is absurd going back to our Ex, but the good people of Ekiti seem not to have any problem with this. They didn’t only go back to their Ex, but went to their Ex-Ex (funny, isn’t it?). The election that took place some weeks back in Ekiti, turned out to proclaim their one time Governor (btw 2003 and 2006), Ex-Governor Ayo Fayose, also coming back again as a PDP gubernatorial candidate as the first time, their new Governor for the next 4 years.

The result of the voting process was amazing, the digits got were so far apart in range, with fayose (PDP) earning a total of 203,090 votes. And the closest to this with 120,433 votes was Kayode Fayemi of APC gubernatorial, and a measly 18,135 votes to Opeyemi Bamidele of the Labour Party (sad, isn’t it?)… the range is as wide as almost 200,000.

Well, in all this, the EKITI-ites should be humoured and credited, not looking at the controversial issues and faults surrounding this guy (I mean AY of course, #dodges slap#) and still went all out for him, with even over 50% of the registered voters sticking with him to the end (talk about h*es been loyal!).

INEC also be given kudos, for holding and overseeing an election efficiently, which was also somewhat free, fair and peaceful (*Turns back and yimu*). At least, we saw the heavy security and through all the gunshots heard in Ado-Ekiti, nobody was reported injured (let us assume, they were warning shots).

At this point, I would like to review the impressive and courageous act of the Labour Party counterpart (His Honor, Opeyemi Bamidele), whom after losing still gave “a vote of thanks” back to the good people of Ekiti. And I want APC to take a lesson from this humble act and not be sore LOSERS!!! (Give a vote of thanks today!)

In conclusion, we send our warm, heartfelt congratulations to Gov. Ayo Fayose of PDP, wishing him a successful tenure and governorship. Most importantly not forgetting to do at least 1/3rd of all he promised (just saying) and all will be well.

To the loyal and good people of Ekiti, I want to believe you weighed your options carefully and made the right choice (apparently the majority). And finally I enjoin you all to follow and work dutifully with your leader to make progress.

I hereby rest my case!

Agoyi Oluwakemisola & KoredeAwosika